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The best funnyest book in the world the FANTASTIC MR FOX

We have been making inferences.

‘Down in the valley, there were three farms. The owners of these farms had done well.’

– Roald Dahl, Fantastic Mr Fox, Ch 1

I think that when it says had done well that, that means had gone on with life had made there farms the best in the hole world something like that.

‘I can smell these goons a mile away. I can smell one from the other.’

– Roald Dahl, Fantastic Mr Fox, Ch. 3

Goons is like dumb and mean people.

After reading Chapters 1-4 – What are some inferences you can make about the three farmers?

I think that all of the farmers are really mean and always wanting things to go there way.

Why do you think Mr. Fox was always especially careful when coming out of his hole?

I think Mr Fox was especially careful when coming out of his hole because just incas predators are close by.

“It will never grow again,” said Mr. Fox. “I shall be tail-less for the rest of my life.” He looked very glum. What does the word glum mean?

I think the word glum  means doesn’t look well or is feeling down.