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Book Review: BlueBack


The story starts where Abel and Dora/mum sees a man fishing in the bay. He was suspicious, he was definitely catching way to much fish. Abel was worried that he might see blueback, that he meet awhile back. Can Abel and Dora Jackson stop him?

When Abel was older he became a scientist. Abel wanted to discover the secrets of the sea, but he had to leave his mum behind. After awhile Abel got home sick and went to visit her. His mum had a surprise for Abel. Do you now what it is?

I give this book a 3/5

i gave thos book  a 3/5 because I liked the discussion but I wasent so keen on how Tim Winton kinder dragged on a little bit. I think the age 7-8 year old kids suits this book. This book was published in 1985 they made a copy in 2008. I found the hidden messages to me are:

~ To speak up for what you believe in

~ To do some thing when you feel or now some thiks wrong

That’s the end of my book review!!!