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Inessent Convict Maybe…

This is my yarn for Elizabeth Haywood. Inisent Convict. She was the youngest on the first fleet. 13 at that. We had to do a lot of reashrch to find this out. We didn’t just stop there we also did a biography that took a lot of time and effort. We got to dress up as that character and we shared our yarns in character we got to have ancients when we read it.

My Yarn:
It ain’t fair. I had to steal. To survive. Me master wouldn’t pay much. It was hunger yeah hunger took over my Body.
When those words came out of the courts mouth I knew I was in for it. Them keneckting chains to my feet and hands gave me a pretty good idea. I was going back to prison? Nope just passed it? To the Halks? Nope I was wrong agin. I was clueless until it happened! The ship! I saw the ship. they call it, the lady Penrhyn. Walking on the ship, it ain’t what I thought it would be it was worse. Just moving a tiny bite would dig the chains in my wrists. I was embarrassed for my family’s name. I knew my mom and dad would be dispirited for my actions, but if they didn’t get themselves killed this situation well I wouldn’t of been in that situation. As they led us down to the darkness the instinct of awareness kicked in everything I touched I was aware of. It was a rocky start but got the hang of the swaying after a while. So that was how I got here at Botany Bay

Ancient old, cruel what’s the word to deceive…

How are the original Olympic Games different to the modern Olympic Games?
The old Olympic games where more dangerous and didn’t have the more sophisticated like for discus it was originally made of stone but know is made medal it’s the same with the other events. They had a couple of different events. Weman wherent aloud to play in the games. And the men where nood playing.

How did we get to the modern form of the games and why?
The Greeks tried to recreate the games Athens however the major force was the French.

What would it be like if we still competed in the old events?
It would have different events it would be more cruel. The women wouldn’t be aloud to play and the men would have no clothes on.

The One and Only NATPLAN Tips!

Wow I might actually ace the test with the one and only NATPLAN tips!

Read more than the text
Re-read again
Get a picture in my head
Make a connection
Read around a hard word

Re-read the question
Eliminate answer
Look for evidence in the text
Read in between the lines

Read ALL of the questions
Think about place value
Re write vertically
Eliminate answers

5 seconds…… Until the Race

5 seconds……I breathe harshly, looking at the clock was a dead wish. As I wondered who would win, only 3seconds until the horn goes. I pictured everyone at the race line, everyone looking at the whistle their determined eyes were waiting… And waiting… Beeeeeeeeeepp the race begins. All of the stress just goes away-it was exiting. As I lay on the soft coach I look at the clock and it had only been a couple of minutes but I was anxious to know who won.


Citizenship what’s the point? I need to be a Citizen to have child rights like: don’t have to pay bills, no work, don’t have to buy stuff #thats what parents are for, but most of all I know I’m safe. In other country’s those rights aren’t met. So I’m an Australian Citizen.


Perswading someone harder then you think!

Goodness persuading someone is harder then you think! In class learning the structure was a lot to take in plus that we have to use really hard words to engage the writer we have been looking up pictures of structures and the meanings of really hard words.

well turns out I’m not so smart cause I learned why the structure is important and what the structure is. I learnt that I have to be engaging in my writing and I have to be pashinet in what I write.

I really need to work on finding good evidence cause I can’t seem to work out how to have good engaging evidence that’s persuasive.