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Wow! That was a crazy night! In fact it has been a crazy term!

It took forever to chose a song! The girls and boys just couldn’t agree so miss Coote chose it. In the end we did dynamite. But if I thought that took forever then I was not prepared for what happened next. COREOGRAPHING! It is like a horror movie! It was horrible. First we got to chose the dance moves but it was horrible and we just kept fighting so miss Coote decided that we would do a just dance dynamite so we did and it was way better. After we learnt it and had practiced for months we changed some of the moves and put in a trick section at the end. My friends and I Sabine, Amy and Amelia got a lot of time to do Irish dancing. Jarrod, Sophie, Mikaylah and Charlize where also doing tricks. I felt kinda happy but really unhappy because I was exited for the concert but I wasn’t to keen on the dance it was a bite wired and ok I’m just going to say its BAD! But when we where on stage it wasn’t BAD it was good in fact I think we killed it and It was just so fun I was so happy doing it. I was really nervous but now that I’ve done it I don’t now what I was so nervous about! I was proud after We did it, I new we did a good job and it was the best we’ve ever done. I also didn’t muck up the Irish Dancing when Amy wasn’t there. I felt like I had aqomplished the impossible!

Wait know we have to learn another one! NOOOOOOOOO!

Picture story book for 2017 Buddy’s

Wait sorry wrong writing. That’s in my picture story book that I wrote and illustrated for my two buddy’s. It took forever to make. But I can’t wait to see the look on my buddy’s faces when I give it to them. First we had to plan out the writing and see different formats then we had to write the story. These story’s needed a meaning something that would teach our buddy’s a message like don’t Jude people by what they look like and share, resilience to. All these things we had to secretly put in our writing. It was hard. We then had to illustrate our covers and pages, pictures and more. It was tough but fun. I loved illustrating it was frustrating but looking at it after i finished I was so proud! But I should manage my time better next time.
Opps I’m blabbing on let’s get back to our conversation. So…

To Be Resilience You Need To Be Strong!

Riseleence, reselence, reseleence, ahhh I can’t say it! NO I HAVE TO CAUSE IM RESILIENCE! Wait I just said it! YAY!
So as you can see I kept trying and I finely got it! That’s being resilience! Also you need to make the best out of the situation! Don’t doubt yourself! Be strong and live life to the fullest! Don’t let anyone get you down and always have a smile! That’s being resilience! My class has just done a performance about resilience. The words where very significant to resilience. Like these words:
“I’m criticized but all your bullets ricochet
Shoot me down, but I get up”

And a lot more is relivent. Leon and Jorm created our dance (year 5 students). It was a good dance and related to the words. (Kind of?)
The message behind the song was to not let anyone take you down. And be strong!
Even I have been resilience. In a lot of things. Like I was resilience when I was new to the school. I made the best of the situation and tried to make friends even if I didn’t find the right group for a while. But hay everyone has a few bumps here and there. I didn’t let one bad decision control my life! So I was resilience.
You can be resilience too! Just be strong! AND BE RESILIENT!

This and that

‘I’ll tell you a story of this, and I’ll tell you a story of that.’ Well I will tell you a story about this book. So it’s about… AHHHH MICE! Just kidding but it is about mice. A baby and a mom travel every where:in there imagination. The mom tells her baby all kinds of stories. About giraffes, monkeys, flamingos, elephants even Kings and Queens and a lot more. I know I learnt a lot from this book like:
Imagination can take you along way. It is good to have, every while and then. It will help you in life.
Overall theme: Use your imagination.
I thought this because that is what the whole story is about.
So I told you a story of this, and I told you a story that. So I’ve got no more stories to tell until next time.


In 3 other worlds….

Light? What is the source of light? Light bulbs? The sun? All very useful in many different ways like we used light bulbs for our work today. Would you like to know what there useful for well of course you do cause your reading it haha. Each time we looked at the light bulbs we see a light bulb but it meant something different today. When we saw this light bulb today it meant we need to switch on our ideas. The ideas for the 3 meanings of reading. There was three different meanings for reading like….

Wow, what just happened. I’m in literal. That means every thing is what it seems. Wait let me… YES that’s it. One of the three meanings for reading is literal that means I can use what I know to get through this. So literal means that it will be pointed in the text like if it said ‘I’m really scared because I’m afraid of the dark’ so if you ask a question like ‘why was she scared? You would know cause it says. What waitttttttt….

Wow know I’m in inferential? Gosh. Well I should do the same thing as I did in the land of literal. Ok so inferential means using the clues in the text and then connecting them to get the solution of what you need to know. The text should give little hints here and there but when you come across a clue you can’t miss it like that one over there. Ahhhhh ITS GOING TO EAT ME!!!!…

AHHHHHHH… Wait yes I’m still alive but where am I? Wait this looks familiar no it can’t be I’m in PERSONAL there that’s me watching TV learning. Ok last one. So personal means it’s from a experience so like if someone asked you what is a 2story house you would now because of seeing one in your life. So yourself is a tool to reading too…

Yes I’m back well I learnt a lot hope you did too. You had to cause I nearly got eaten to teach you this. Oh and I’ll give a shout out to the teachers who taught me these things. Give a hand for MR Rogers and the one and only MRS Predeat

Student Conference I Come Back!

This is my letter for improvement to myself!

Dear the amazing Madi,

So last night guess what I did, well you where there cause your me, but hey I’m still telling you. So our dad came to our classroom for my three way conference, We showed him some of our proud pieces of work that’s really good if I do say so my self.

As you know I’m amazing so I’m going to tell you why I’m amazing unfortunately your me so your amazing to as you already know.
So we did really well at:
Word choices
We made it entertaining but still having good information about my improvements. I had some photos to back me up.
We Presented a lot of our work.
We had good pace it wasn’t to long it wasn’t to short just right, like our parents there not too nice and there not too mean well a little bite mean but that’s a parent for ya, so there good parents in other words.
I know you know all this but I’m telling you anyways.

The cat in the hat comes back. Nope sorry ours isn’t about a red hat it’s about a green hat. Which means I’m going to say everything I thought we could improve on for next year. I know right who would of thought us needs improvement at something hahaha. Anyways we really could of had better eye contact and with our writers note book we definitely could have read it to him or let him read it himself same goes with our perswading piece about plastic bags. I could of been more organised with my work but hey we can’t be perfect.

So know it’s time to say goodbye but it’s not good bye, cause your me and I’m you so there’s no denying that this is not goodbye but goodbye?

Inessent Convict Maybe…

This is my yarn for Elizabeth Haywood. Inisent Convict. She was the youngest on the first fleet. 13 at that. We had to do a lot of reashrch to find this out. We didn’t just stop there we also did a biography that took a lot of time and effort. We got to dress up as that character and we shared our yarns in character we got to have ancients when we read it.

My Yarn:
It ain’t fair. I had to steal. To survive. Me master wouldn’t pay much. It was hunger yeah hunger took over my Body.
When those words came out of the courts mouth I knew I was in for it. Them keneckting chains to my feet and hands gave me a pretty good idea. I was going back to prison? Nope just passed it? To the Halks? Nope I was wrong agin. I was clueless until it happened! The ship! I saw the ship. they call it, the lady Penrhyn. Walking on the ship, it ain’t what I thought it would be it was worse. Just moving a tiny bite would dig the chains in my wrists. I was embarrassed for my family’s name. I knew my mom and dad would be dispirited for my actions, but if they didn’t get themselves killed this situation well I wouldn’t of been in that situation. As they led us down to the darkness the instinct of awareness kicked in everything I touched I was aware of. It was a rocky start but got the hang of the swaying after a while. So that was how I got here at Botany Bay

Ancient old, cruel what’s the word to deceive…

How are the original Olympic Games different to the modern Olympic Games?
The old Olympic games where more dangerous and didn’t have the more sophisticated like for discus it was originally made of stone but know is made medal it’s the same with the other events. They had a couple of different events. Weman wherent aloud to play in the games. And the men where nood playing.

How did we get to the modern form of the games and why?
The Greeks tried to recreate the games Athens however the major force was the French.

What would it be like if we still competed in the old events?
It would have different events it would be more cruel. The women wouldn’t be aloud to play and the men would have no clothes on.