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Me In A Minute

For the past week my class have been doing things like fitness activities in a minute to see how many or how long you can do it for. We’re doing it because to challenge yourself to practice our data collecting and of cause cause it’s school to practice graphs and averages. I was really surprised that bouncing the ball on a tennis racket would be so easy but i got less because I kept losing the ball. I want to improve my push ups results because I got 3 a lot of others were in the 20s and above, I also want to improve my sit ups the average was 45 but I only did 20 so I want to improve that. I can improve them by practicing. I can also research some techniques. I hope next time I do it that I do better.

Picture Story Book

My big fat zombie goldfish. I love goldfish do you? But a zombie goldfish… IS AMAZING. I mean POW POW POW I’ve hypnotised you hahahahah. That would be so cute. And that nasty vampire kitten who wants to eat the zombie goldfish well I can’t stay mad at thoughts cute eyes like that. I want to show the preps what the characters are like. By using expression show them how hypnosting is amazing show them how the vampire kitten is adorable. But I just keep laughing during it . So that’s my goal to not laugh while I’m reading.