Wow! That was a crazy night! In fact it has been a crazy term!

It took forever to chose a song! The girls and boys just couldn’t agree so miss Coote chose it. In the end we did dynamite. But if I thought that took forever then I was not prepared for what happened next. COREOGRAPHING! It is like a horror movie! It was horrible. First we got to chose the dance moves but it was horrible and we just kept fighting so miss Coote decided that we would do a just dance dynamite so we did and it was way better. After we learnt it and had practiced for months we changed some of the moves and put in a trick section at the end. My friends and I Sabine, Amy and Amelia got a lot of time to do Irish dancing. Jarrod, Sophie, Mikaylah and Charlize where also doing tricks. I felt kinda happy but really unhappy because I was exited for the concert but I wasn’t to keen on the dance it was a bite wired and ok I’m just going to say its BAD! But when we where on stage it wasn’t BAD it was good in fact I think we killed it and It was just so fun I was so happy doing it. I was really nervous but now that I’ve done it I don’t now what I was so nervous about! I was proud after We did it, I new we did a good job and it was the best we’ve ever done. I also didn’t muck up the Irish Dancing when Amy wasn’t there. I felt like I had aqomplished the impossible!

Wait know we have to learn another one! NOOOOOOOOO!

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