Picture story book for 2017 Buddy’s

Wait sorry wrong writing. That’s in my picture story book that I wrote and illustrated for my two buddy’s. It took forever to make. But I can’t wait to see the look on my buddy’s faces when I give it to them. First we had to plan out the writing and see different formats then we had to write the story. These story’s needed a meaning something that would teach our buddy’s a message like don’t Jude people by what they look like and share, resilience to. All these things we had to secretly put in our writing. It was hard. We then had to illustrate our covers and pages, pictures and more. It was tough but fun. I loved illustrating it was frustrating but looking at it after i finished I was so proud! But I should manage my time better next time.
Opps I’m blabbing on let’s get back to our conversation. So…

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