To Be Resilience You Need To Be Strong!

Riseleence, reselence, reseleence, ahhh I can’t say it! NO I HAVE TO CAUSE IM RESILIENCE! Wait I just said it! YAY!
So as you can see I kept trying and I finely got it! That’s being resilience! Also you need to make the best out of the situation! Don’t doubt yourself! Be strong and live life to the fullest! Don’t let anyone get you down and always have a smile! That’s being resilience! My class has just done a performance about resilience. The words where very significant to resilience. Like these words:
“I’m criticized but all your bullets ricochet
Shoot me down, but I get up”

And a lot more is relivent. Leon and Jorm created our dance (year 5 students). It was a good dance and related to the words. (Kind of?)
The message behind the song was to not let anyone take you down. And be strong!
Even I have been resilience. In a lot of things. Like I was resilience when I was new to the school. I made the best of the situation and tried to make friends even if I didn’t find the right group for a while. But hay everyone has a few bumps here and there. I didn’t let one bad decision control my life! So I was resilience.
You can be resilience too! Just be strong! AND BE RESILIENT!

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  1. Hi Madi, that was a really good post. Only a couple of problems. 1 the spelling. It would be good to check it again. 2 it is not resilience if you say “I’m resilience.” It’s “I’m resilient.” Otherwise, gr8 post!



    P.S. where is your weekly reflection?

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