In 3 other worlds….

Light? What is the source of light? Light bulbs? The sun? All very useful in many different ways like we used light bulbs for our work today. Would you like to know what there useful for well of course you do cause your reading it haha. Each time we looked at the light bulbs we see a light bulb but it meant something different today. When we saw this light bulb today it meant we need to switch on our ideas. The ideas for the 3 meanings of reading. There was three different meanings for reading like….

Wow, what just happened. I’m in literal. That means every thing is what it seems. Wait let me… YES that’s it. One of the three meanings for reading is literal that means I can use what I know to get through this. So literal means that it will be pointed in the text like if it said ‘I’m really scared because I’m afraid of the dark’ so if you ask a question like ‘why was she scared? You would know cause it says. What waitttttttt….

Wow know I’m in inferential? Gosh. Well I should do the same thing as I did in the land of literal. Ok so inferential means using the clues in the text and then connecting them to get the solution of what you need to know. The text should give little hints here and there but when you come across a clue you can’t miss it like that one over there. Ahhhhh ITS GOING TO EAT ME!!!!…

AHHHHHHH… Wait yes I’m still alive but where am I? Wait this looks familiar no it can’t be I’m in PERSONAL there that’s me watching TV learning. Ok last one. So personal means it’s from a experience so like if someone asked you what is a 2story house you would now because of seeing one in your life. So yourself is a tool to reading too…

Yes I’m back well I learnt a lot hope you did too. You had to cause I nearly got eaten to teach you this. Oh and I’ll give a shout out to the teachers who taught me these things. Give a hand for MR Rogers and the one and only MRS Predeat

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