Student Conference I Come Back!

This is my letter for improvement to myself!

Dear the amazing Madi,

So last night guess what I did, well you where there cause your me, but hey I’m still telling you. So our dad came to our classroom for my three way conference, We showed him some of our proud pieces of work that’s really good if I do say so my self.

As you know I’m amazing so I’m going to tell you why I’m amazing unfortunately your me so your amazing to as you already know.
So we did really well at:
Word choices
We made it entertaining but still having good information about my improvements. I had some photos to back me up.
We Presented a lot of our work.
We had good pace it wasn’t to long it wasn’t to short just right, like our parents there not too nice and there not too mean well a little bite mean but that’s a parent for ya, so there good parents in other words.
I know you know all this but I’m telling you anyways.

The cat in the hat comes back. Nope sorry ours isn’t about a red hat it’s about a green hat. Which means I’m going to say everything I thought we could improve on for next year. I know right who would of thought us needs improvement at something hahaha. Anyways we really could of had better eye contact and with our writers note book we definitely could have read it to him or let him read it himself same goes with our perswading piece about plastic bags. I could of been more organised with my work but hey we can’t be perfect.

So know it’s time to say goodbye but it’s not good bye, cause your me and I’m you so there’s no denying that this is not goodbye but goodbye?

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