Inessent Convict Maybe…

This is my yarn for Elizabeth Haywood. Inisent Convict. She was the youngest on the first fleet. 13 at that. We had to do a lot of reashrch to find this out. We didn’t just stop there we also did a biography that took a lot of time and effort. We got to dress up as that character and we shared our yarns in character we got to have ancients when we read it.

My Yarn:
It ain’t fair. I had to steal. To survive. Me master wouldn’t pay much. It was hunger yeah hunger took over my Body.
When those words came out of the courts mouth I knew I was in for it. Them keneckting chains to my feet and hands gave me a pretty good idea. I was going back to prison? Nope just passed it? To the Halks? Nope I was wrong agin. I was clueless until it happened! The ship! I saw the ship. they call it, the lady Penrhyn. Walking on the ship, it ain’t what I thought it would be it was worse. Just moving a tiny bite would dig the chains in my wrists. I was embarrassed for my family’s name. I knew my mom and dad would be dispirited for my actions, but if they didn’t get themselves killed this situation well I wouldn’t of been in that situation. As they led us down to the darkness the instinct of awareness kicked in everything I touched I was aware of. It was a rocky start but got the hang of the swaying after a while. So that was how I got here at Botany Bay

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