Why you should be happy with your life

My class is reading the most boring but saddest book ever, it’s called the Out Of My Mind and this is the bad part it has a fish on the front cover like a full on fish but the book has nothing to do with a fish. Anyway the main character is Melody who has Cerebral Palsy which is a disability now do you know what I mean how it’s sad.


Achally you probably have no idea what Cerebral Palsy is. Well after I tell you, you are going to feel so lucky,Well just imagine yourself in a wheel chair for your whole life and not being able to talk, walk not being able to do anything yourself not even going to the toilet by yourself it’s horrible. You can’t get ride of Cerebral Palsy which is sad but you can’t give it to someone else, your born with it, the doctors can only treat cerebral palsy. Well that’s what it is like for the people who have Cerebral Palsy.

I share who I am through my personality and to show that I need to talk, move and have expressions. I can’t not express myself like that and if I can’t express myself than I don’t know who I am but people with Cerebral Palsy can’t show there personally at all, cause they don’t have those features to show who they truly am. I can’t imagine that I have to sit on the side line in a wheel chair not being able to do what I love to do which is to run on a basketball court just getting sweaty doing what you want in a stadium which is big amazing and especially versing people showing who I am and just being myself I just can’t get that out of my life. Imagine having everyone just staring at you, like, you know that feeling how they look at you in that funny way like you’ve spilt a cream pie all over your face. It’s a horrible feeling coming from me who has personal experience. So I hope you feel so lucky know that you know that you don’t have it and do more donations to those who can’t look after themselves


  1. Hey Madi,
    I love your heading it really hooked me in.
    I like how you explained what Cerebral Palsy is.
    I wish you would add another artifact.
    From Anneliese

  2. Hi Madi,
    I really like you start sentence, it has already hooked me in!
    The thing that you should get rid of is the second sentence. ( keep the out of my mind part though.)

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